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Features of Twitch Prime:

  • Dedicated Personal Account
  • Watch Premium Content & Enroll Amazing Gift Items
  • Account Details Changeable.
  • Cheapest price on the market.
  • Unlimited Videos, Streaming & Contents.
  • Unlimited Downloads & Content Playlist Listing.
  • Real Account – Real Person – Fully Guaranteed
  • 7/24 Instant Delivery.

What is twitch prime?

Twitch is an online streaming service that enables gamers to watch other gamers play video games. Twitch has 100 million monthly active users who do things like chat, share videos, and watch live streams.

One of the ways that Twitch makes money is by selling ad space. The other way that they make money is by selling monthly subscriptions to their premium services. One of the benefits of these paid subscriptions is an exclusive emoticon set called “cheermotes” which can be used in chat rooms.

But we also offer other benefits for our service, so you can subscribe to Twitch Prime accounts as well as some other things as below:

Free monthly subscription to your favorite streamer with a single click. Automatically switch your settings and theme to one of your favorite channels. Access to special emoticons exclusive only to subscribers on Twitch Prime. Get a free copy of a game every month, starting with Tales from the Borderlands.

How to Subscribe to Twitch Prime Accounts?

Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon. To access some of these benefits you must have an account on Amazon. You can then link your Twitch Prime Account with your Amazon account which will grant you some of these benefits free for 1 month. For more information, check out Amazon’s explanation here:

buy twitch prime accounts

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Your Twitch account comes with 5 days worth of subscription time, so you need to link your Twitch Prime Account within that time frame in order to get another free month. For more information on how to set up your account, check here:

Why Choose us?

We are the leading supplier in the market when it comes to selling Twitch prime accounts, We sell twitch prime accounts at different prices starting from a very nominal amount and you can choose your own price range according to what suits your pocket best. You can buy more twitch prime accounts to enter our competition and increase your chances of winning the $100 amazon gift card.

Whatever you buy from us, we always keep in mind that you will get what you see on the website only, there won’t be any bummer surprises.

So buy twitch prime accounts now and become a paid subscriber for free without paying for it.


If you’re a gamer, don’t miss out on the benefits of Twitch Prime. These monthly subscriptions to premium services will give you access to exclusive emoticons and free games every month. You can also connect your Amazon account with your Twitch account for additional perks like special chat emojis and more!

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Twitch Prime Account

Buy twitch prime accounts with full twitch prime benefits. You can buy accounts that are already linked to your Amazon account, or you can create your own custom account. Get started today!

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