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What is textnow account

TextNow is a US-based mobile virtual network operator that offers two types of monthly payment plans. The first plan requires a one-time upfront fee and the second plan is a monthly recurring variable cost. Users can sign up for TextNow by downloading the app from the App Store, Google Play Store, or by clicking the “Get Started” button on TextNow’s website. A new phone number is assigned to the user so they can have a local US number while abroad even if they do not have a US credit card.

The app makes it possible for Android and iOS users to text from their smartphones or tablets for free. TextNow also offers a web version of its service that allows users to send and receive texts on a computer by signing into the same account. The app is available in most countries, including Mexico, Canada, US, UK, France, Germany and Spain. The app is also available in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.

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TextNow has proven itself to be able to provide users with an American number so they can keep their Canadian number while being in the US without having any roaming fees or phone plans.

The service allows users to receive calls even if they don’t have cell phone coverage or internet service.

How to delete your TextNow account:

– Click Start from the home screen.

– Click Settings from the menu.

– Click Delete Account from the menu.

– Enter your username and password and click Submit.

– Click OK on the confirmation page.

– Click Delete Account from the menu.

– Enter your username and password and click Submit.

– Click OK on the confirmation page.

How to create textnow account

The TextNow SMS app is available for download on the App Store, Play Market, or by clicking the “Get Started” button on TextNow’s website. You can sign up and move to a new area where there is no cell service and still be in touch with family and friends by using this useful app.

  1. Enter your personal information and click ‘Sign Up’.
  2. Verify your mobile number by entering the code sent to it.
  3. You will receive another text message which will ask you to type in a Captcha (a series of letters and numbers) before you can begin using the app for free!
  4. You will receive another text message with your US phone number.
  5. Use the app to call, text, and log in to the website on a computer!
  6. To start using TextNow you must download it on your cell phone or tablet.

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How to get free unlimited text now through an app?

  1. Download the application on any of your Smartphones or Tablets.
  2. Upon successful installation, open the app and click on a free trial.
  3. You will be redirected to the screen where you have to enter your mobile number and select your country code.
  4. In the next step, it will send a verification code as SMS to your registered number, type in the verification code, and hit ‘Submit’.
  5. Your account now gets activated and you are good to start making calls.
  6. You can also access your texts, contacts, call logs from the main screen of the app.

the phone number for textnow The phone number given by TextNow is a US-based virtual mobile number that will work even if you don’t have a SIM card on your device. It works everywhere in the US where text messages are supported.


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Buy Textnow Accounts

TextNow’s website offers a way for users to buy bulk TextNow accounts in order to use the app in the office. This is beneficial because it provides a way for your company to provide their employees with cell phone service when there is no reception in the office.

All of the user’s information is still kept private, and no one will ever know you are using TextNow to make calls.

There are different types of bulk accounts available on the website. Employees typically use these accounts to make local or long-distance calls without having to pay for it with their own money. This also provides them with a way to keep in touch with their friends and family throughout the day.

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TextNow Accounts

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