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Features of Rocket League:

  • 1300+ HOURS in 3 Games
  • Original Email
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  • Problem-solving and other: 1 hour-1 day
  • 100% Real Account
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 100% Legit & Safe.

What is rocket league account?

Rocket League is one of the newest (released in 2015) and popular games. It combines racing, soccer, and video games. Players get to control rocket-powered vehicles in an arena with various obstacles. The game includes single-player matches, multiplayer matches, and just-for-fun matches. With rocket league accounts you can get booster packs or use virtual currency to upgrade your vehicles, different arenas, clothing items for your vehicles, and other things.

With a rocket league account, you can get different types of crates.

What is a crate in Rocket League?

Crates are virtual boxes that have the chance to contain one or more items. The items may be a regular item or a special item. There are many types of crates available for players, and some include classic crates, goal explosion, painted variant crates, turbo crates, animated variant crates, and the new champion series.

These types of crates can be traded between players using rocket league accounts.

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What is trading?

Trading is the transferring of an item from one account to another. Players trade items to get special items or for other reasons. Rocket league accounts make the trading process easier and faster.

Are there any risks in trading?

Trading items between players can lead to scams. Scams happen often and it is essential for players to understand them and to take precautions by following a few guidelines:

  • never send first (always do the trade face to face)
  • don’t trade with scammers (check the account details and read their comments)
  • always ask for screenshots of your payment (in case you are paying for an item)
  • never trust anyone who has no trust or red trust score.

With rocket league accounts you can get different types of items that appear in crates.

What is an item of the Rocket League?

Items are virtual goods that come in crates. Players get different types of items by opening or trading crates, for example, painted variants or special items, among others. These items have different grades based on the rarity of the item. The better the grade, the more expensive it will be.

With a rocket league account, you can get crates and trade items with other players or boost your ranking, by for example playing matches to get keys. In the trading, process prices may vary from one website to another based on demand, offers, and their own commission rates. It also depends on the rarity of the item being traded.

What is the trading process?

The trading process includes these steps:

  • Search for an item using different types of filters
  • select the items that are interesting for you
  • open a trade with another user or accept one if someone sends it to you
  • check the details of the trade and confirm
  • wait for the other person to confirm too
  • in case the trading process is finished, request a trade review or do it yourself if needed
  • when you receive your item/items, leave a review and then close the trade.

The price of an item varies from one website to another depending on demand and offers.

What is the trading website?

A trading website is a place where users can trade rocket league items. Some websites allow auctions, some let you buy and sell your items by yourself (setting up your own price), and others work like online markets (where prices are set by the market). There are many types of websites to trade rocket league items.

Buy rocket league accounts

It is not for everyone to purchase rocket league accounts.

If you are a gaming enthusiast or an online player, the risk of getting scammed is always present.

The purchase of a rocket league account can be expensive and you will need to pay up to £50 for a decent one. There are also multiple restrictions in place on the account which might make it difficult for you to play or enjoy the game fully.

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to buying a rocket league account, make sure that it is legitimate and worth your money. The average price range of a rocket league account is £20 with some going as high as £100 with better rankings, more boosters, and cars with better stats.

Where to buy Rocket League Items?

First of all, it’s important to look at which website is suitable for you. There are different websites for each region of the world. Let’s look at some examples:

Steam market

– Users in the North America region looking for rocket league items can find them on this website

Psyonix store (official)

– Players located in Asia looking for official merchandise will find it here

Manatee games (official) 

– Players located in the EU looking for official merchandise will find it here


– a reliable website where a large number of players look for rocket league items


– A UK website that has been around for quite some time and is used as a medium to sell or buy second-hand items.

Now that we know which website is the most reliable and suitable for us based on our location, we will need to choose what item we want to buy.

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Rocket League items can be found in two different ways:

  • buying an item from a player who already owns one (a rocket league trade).
  • buying an item from the market, where items are already being sold by players.

Now that we know how to find our items of interest on the different websites, it’s time to start trading or purchasing them!

To make a successful trade, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have the correct currency ready (in steam it’s keyed, in the other websites it’s money)
  • Read all of the rules on a website to see how a trade works and where you need to place your trust deposit.
  • If there are auctions, have a bid ready so that you can buy it instantly once an auction starts. Make sure that this is what you actually want before signing in.
  • If you’re buying an item using the market, ensure that your price is reasonable and competitive.

Now that you have followed these steps, it’s time to wait for the seller to confirm that he has accepted your trade/purchase! Once this happens, sit back and enjoy your rocket league items!


purchasing a rocket league account can be an expensive risk if you do not know where to purchase one from.

However, it is a good way forward if you are looking for a quick and efficient way to play the game as well as acquire better rankings and cars with higher stats.

If you want to purchase a rocket league account, make sure that you do your research and gather as much information as possible about the seller’s reputation before making a final purchase.

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