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What is Reddit account?

Reddit is a social news aggregation website that has a reputation for being an online community where many discussions generate a lot of interest and activity. There are many subreddits, communities belonging to different key bitcoin topics.

Why is it that some people have more than one Reddit account

Some accounts are used to submit and comment on posts, while others are used exclusively for karma-gathering. There is no rule against having multiple accounts, but the default subscribes setting only allows users to get email updates from one “subreddit,” which usually corresponds to a specific niche interest or activity.

Why does it matter, which account is the original account?

If you have a high karma count on Reddit, people will look at your profile and take that into consideration when they vote on your posts or comment. If you have a new user with a low karma-count commenting using a well-known name, it’s likely you will be believed. If the opposite is true and a high karma-count account uses a new or unknown user family name, that user is less likely to be believed.

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Why do people create Reddit accounts with fake usernames?

Some people use a different username on Reddit because they collect karma or because they are trying to build up a new account in an environment where many have high karma counts. Some people do this in order to protect themselves from being banned for breaking the rules because then there is less of a chance that it will be possible to positively identify them.

Why does it matter? What could happen if the person with a high karma-count account uses another username?

If someone with a high karma-count account posted something that broke the rules, then they would probably be banned. If this person also had a new or unknown account with low karma to vote on their post, it’s likely that they will get away from being banned for breaking the rules.

Is there any way to see which username is the “real” original account?

There is no way to know what’s going on with someone’s account unless they chose to tell you or if you could track their IP address and find out where that user was logged in from. That said, Reddit has a pretty good system for verifying information, so it is possible to find out if something was posted by an account with a particular user name.

Is there any way to see which username someone used after they switched accounts?

It’s not easy or likely that you will be able to pin down the specific account someone used AFTER changing accounts, but you could try looking at the last few paragraphs of comments to see if they sound like something someone with a certain user name would post.

Can anything be done to stop people from switching accounts?

There is nothing Reddit can do about this because there are no rules against having multiple users, although one rule is that you can not vote on your own post. Many of the users who switch accounts do so simply to get karma and will probably stick with one account because of the effort involved in switching back and forth.

What is a throwaway Reddit account?

A throwaway Reddit account is usually an anonymous new user who wants to make a few comments or submit a few links from a new account but doesn’t want to be judged too harshly or have their posts removed for breaking the rules. It is a username that will eventually be thrown away by being banned after a short period of time.

What is a zombie account?

A zombie Reddit account has been banned, but the person who created it is still logging into Reddit from a different user name.

Buy Reddit accounts

Many people buy Reddit accounts because they want to have a specific name or a specific karma count. The number of people who do this is constantly increasing, and many of these accounts are for sale on third-party websites. For example, on you can find Reddit accounts with the following features:

  • Automatically Upvoted Posts
  • 600+ Karma Points
  • 5000+ Comment Karma Points
  • 4000+ Comment Karma Points
  • Self Upvote Accounts – Have Your Own Account with Low Karma Count
  • Upvote Accounts – High Comment Karma
  • Automatically Downvotes Posts
  • 400+ Karma Points
  • 2000+ Comment Karma Points
  • Reddit Gold Accounts – Lifetime Membership and Award-Winning Services that will give you a successful career on Reddit.

You can find many different options to choose from, and prices vary widely. The prices of Reddit accounts depend on how much effort went into creating the account and what kind of features it has.

Reddit accounts can also be bought with bitcoins, which is a type of digital currency that can be used anonymously to buy lots of different things online.

How do you avoid getting banned? What should you do if you get banned?

Once you have gotten to know Reddit and what kinds of things might get your account in trouble, you will be able to post pretty freely. You should refrain from posting personal information or spamming. If you do these kinds of things, it’s possible that your account could be reported and removed by another user who doesn’t like you.

How to find out if your account is banned or not?

If you were logged in before and now the page says something like “This account has been suspended” then it was probably banned, but if you are just being signed out automatically after clicking the login button, then there are no problems with your account. If you want to check if your account is banned, then try logging into a different Reddit account and see if it works.

What should I do if I get banned? What happens when you get banned from Reddit?

Reddit isn’t as strict about the rules as other social networks like Facebook or Twitter, but there are some actions that will get your account banned. Making multiple accounts to try and subvert the voting system are common reasons for getting banned, as are things like spamming, posting personal information, or harassing other users.

If you find that your account has been deleted or blocked by a moderator of Reddit for breaking one of the rules of the website, you will not be able to log back into your account. This means that you will probably need to make a new one. Getting banned is not permanent, but it can last for quite some time depending on the severity of the rules you broke.

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How do I create a throwaway Reddit account? How do I make a throwaway Reddit account?

There are many ways to create a throwaway Reddit account. You can start by clicking on the button that says ‘create your own community and try creating one of your own. If it doesn’t work, you can always search for subreddits in Google or check out subreddits at These are both good sites to find something that you can post on.

Another thing you can do is simply use a different browser and sign in with your main account before clicking the subscribe button in order to get an ad-free experience. Finally, if all else fails, you could try logging into Reddit with your phone or using someone else’s computer.


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