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Features of Google Voice:

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  • 100% Recovery Guaranty
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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What is google voice?

Google Voice is a phone service that provides voice mail, voice messages, SMS text messages, free long-distance calling, call forwarding, caller ID spoofing, conference calls, low-cost international calling, and flexible ways to handle your incoming calls.

The service has a web interface and mobile app for managing the phone number. Google Voice is an alternative to conventional telephone or cell phone, especially in situations where your existing services are not available.

Why would someone want to bypass google voice?

Since Google Voice can be used as a VOIP service with any SIP client, one might want to use it to bypass a user’s cellular provider.

Cellular providers offer other services, such as SMS or VOIP calling, that may not be available through Google Voice. Cellular customers often have limits on these services which do not apply with Google Voice. In some cases, they may even be completely blocked from using other service providers.


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How does it work?

Google Voice works by routing all of your incoming calls and messages through their service, then sending it to your SIP client(s) of choice. You can then receive phone calls or SMS text messages on any devices you have connected to the service, all while never giving out the same number twice.

Any incoming call will be routed to your Google Voice account, which will do one of two things:

* If you’re not currently signed into a Google account, it will sign you into the right one and accept the call.

* If you are currently signed in to your Google account, it will check to see if that phone number has already been accepted by another device. If so, then the call is sent directly to that device using Google Voice’s VOIP service. Otherwise, the call is sent to your Google Voice inbox where you can choose which device should receive it.

How do I set up a google voice account?

To set up a Google Voice account, go to: and press “Get Started“. If the link doesn’t work for some reason, you can just go to and sign up for an account by clicking “Sign up“. You can also try using your phone number as your Google Account login, but this method may not work for everyone.

1) First, click the big blue “Try It Now” button on the home page. You’ll then be asked to enter your name, phone number, and a new password for your Google Voice account.

2) Google will then send you an SMS text message containing a verification code. After entering this code in, click “Next” or press the Enter key on your keyboard. This will take you to the Dashboard page.

3) The Dashboard page will have two tabs, “Voice” and “Messages“. First, click the “Voice” tab to get started with incoming calls.

4) Under the Voice tab, you should see a list of your phone numbers (if only one is showing up in this list, try clicking the blue “Add Another” button). Next, go to your SIP client and add a new account where you will be entering the same credentials that you just used on the Google Voice website.

5) Now that both your VOIP client and Google Voice have been setup, try making a test call from your SIP client to any phone number. If you don’t know how to do this, your SIP client may come with a tutorial or manual on its website.

How do I set up my phone for google voice?

To set up incoming calls, complete the following steps:

1) Dial *67(Your 10 digit Google Voice number) and press the Call button.

2) Enter the Google Voice verification code that you received via SMS text message.

3) Type in your Google Account password.

4) Now you should be able to choose which of your phone numbers will ring when someone calls you on your Google Voice number. If this is not an option for some reason, refer to this article:

What is the Google Voice app?

The Google Voice app sends all of your incoming messages to whatever messaging or VOIP application you have installed on your phone. To get started, complete the following steps:

1) Open your phone’s either your SMS messaging app or a VOIP application (like Skype) and create a new account.

2) Enter your Google Voice username along with your password.

3) Verify that the app is sending messages to both your phone number and your Google Voice number by sending yourself a message from another device or computer. If you don’t know how to do this, try reading the instructions for whatever messaging or VOIP application you have installed.

What is the Hangouts app?

The Google Voice website has a tab called “Hangouts”. Under this tab, you can see a list of your current and past conversations with other Google Voice users. It also allows you to send messages both to other Google Voice users and literally anyone else in the world with a working email address. To get started, press “Hangouts” at the top of your Google Voice homepage.

What is the Voice Chat app?

The Google Voice site has a tab called “Voice Chat”. This feature can be used to make free, high-quality phone calls to anyone in the U.S. and Canada. To use this feature, press “Voice Chat” at the top of your Google Voice homepage or click on this link:

What are Spam messages?

A Spam message is any advertisement that is sent through google voice without my permission. If you receive an unsolicited spam message on your Google Voice number, please send a copy of the Spam message to and they will investigate the matter further.

How do I receive voicemails?

Once you sign up for Voicemail, calls will be forwarded to your e-mail address where you can check them from any computer or phone. For most providers, the number to dial in order to check messages is *86 (*VM).

How do I set up a custom voicemail message?

You can create your Custom Voicemail Message by going into the Dashboard of Google Voice and under “Settings” clicking on “Voicemail & Text”. In this section, you can change the “Your Greeting” and also record your Custom Voicemail Message.

How do I turn off voicemail transcription?

You can turn off the automatic transcription of your voice mail by going into your Google Voice Settings and clicking on Phones (under the ‘Settings’ Tab).

This will allow you to choose which device rings when you receive a call.

The Google Voice app gives you the option to choose which device should ring when someone calls your Google Voice number. In order for this feature to show up, make sure that the “Receive text messages (SMS) on” section is set to your phone number and not to another email address.

The Google Voice app and website ( are two different services that allow you to make free phone calls, send text messages and check your voicemail from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet.  To gain full access to all of these features, you will need a Google Voice account and an internet connection.


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Buy google voice accounts

Buying Google Voice accounts is a great way to avoid being charged for many of the features. The Google Voice account can be created to have all of the features, even if the phone number doesn’t have any. It’s important to note that you’re not purchasing the number itself- you’re simply buying an account and choosing a number to associate with it. There are many different options for service providers and we provide them at affordable rates.


Google Voice is a cloud-based service that allows you to link all of your phone numbers and voicemail boxes together so that when someone calls, it will ring any number(s) that you choose (up to 10).  For example: If you have both a smartphone and a landline, you can link them together so that when someone calls your Google Voice number, both devices ring at the same time.  In addition to linking multiple phone numbers, you can also link your existing voicemail box by forwarding it to your new Google Voice number.

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