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Features of Avakin Life Accounts:

  • Main level 60
  •  Gold badge
  •  Collection stats (for now) – clothes 7k, houses 200, pets 214
  •  38 badges
  • Ac 106k (for now), Gems 209k (for now)
  • Item owned
  • Gold dragon (300k)


  • Zombie’s eye
  •  Cosmos Golden Eagle Wing (249k)
  • Cosmos Aurelian Dragon (149k)
  • Lucas & steve crystal wing (24k) RARE
  •  Cosmos Violet Phoenix wing (24k) RARE
  • Cosmos Summer twilight (24k) RARE


  •  Cosmos Golden eagle wing (249k)
  •  Lucas & steve crystal wing (24k) RARE
  •  Cosmos Violet Phoenix wing (24k) RARE
  • Cosmos Summer twilight (24k) RARE
  •  16 wings

What is avakin life account?

An Avakin Life is an online virtual world developed by Avakin Life, Inc. The site was active from November 2014 to March 2018. The player needs to create a character and buy a virtual home in AvaWorld before other players can visit.

Users could chat with others in the game, interact with them, and add them to their friend list. They could also perform many activities while socializing, such as going clubbing or shopping. Users could also communicate with people outside of the game through an out-of-game messaging system that mirrored features of text messaging apps.

Is it legal to buy Avakin Life Accounts?

Buying or selling accounts with Buy Accounts Pro is 100% legal, just as buying an account from Xbox Live, Steam or Playstation network would be. We are not involved in the trade of avakin accounts, we are simply a directory of trustworthy vendors that sell avakin life accounts.

What kinds of Avakin Life Accounts do you sell?

We can’t know exactly what kinds of Avakin lives account you’re looking for, so it’s best to contact the seller directly and ask them any questions you may have about their specific avakin life account for sale. You can find the full list of vendors down below, along with their websites listed next to their username.

Can you sell me an unban avakin life account?

We are not involved in the trade of any kind of banned accounts, so I’m afraid that we are unable to offer this service. If you’re interested in urban avakin life accounts, we suggest that you contact the seller and ask them questions about how they were able to unban their account.

Is it safe to buy an avakin life account from a 3rd party?

We highly advise potential buyers to perform thorough research regarding the vendor they plan on purchasing from, as well as purchase your account only through PayPal. If the vendor is trustworthy, you should have no problems whatsoever! You can find a list of trusted vendors below.

Can I buy an avakin life student discount?

We do not offer any kind of discounts on our website, so it’s best if you contact the seller directly and ask them about any special offers they may have available. You can find a list of all our trusted vendors below, alongside their username and website name.

Connecting to Avakin world

There are two ways of joining this virtual world, either buying a ticket from their official website or downloading the software onto your PC. If you own an android phone, then there is also a third option of buying a virtual reality headset and using it to join the world. Once there, you can either choose to go shopping or sunbathe on one of their beaches.

You may meet new people in this world by sending them messages and visiting their apartment/room and can also invite your friends from Facebook if they allow so. Right now you can access their world for free for an initial trial period, but after that, if you want to continue playing it you will need to register.

How do I get avakin life account?

Once you buy the game and download it on your computer or smartphone (if available in your country) you can start playing immediately. Most people opt for the smartphone version, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. For an even better experience, you can add a virtual reality headset to your device.

After that you will be greeted by this screen:

After playing the game for a few minutes it becomes clear that there is no end-goal or purpose of this world. Avakin Life is an open-world environment of a 3D chat program where players can do many things together. You can buy clothes, furnish your homes and hang out with friends in nightclubs or on a beach

buy avakin life accounts

How to get an avakin life account for free

Most people who have been playing the game have tried their luck by creating multiple accounts and fail to access some features such as private chat, but new players may not know about this.

Avakin Life allows you to create two characters per account, so theoretically you can have one for your avatar and the other which will be an exact replica of your character with all clothes, homes, etc unlocked. This means you can enjoy everything the game has to offer without paying a penny.

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Avakin Life Accounts

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